‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Graced With Boss Arena, Bears

The Early Access open-world, survival game ARK: Survival Evolved is no stranger to consistent and interesting content updates. The latest of these updates include Direbears and a giant manta ray. Starting from the top, ARK is getting some new structures in the latest update: Chemistry Tables and a Primitive Cannon. These may grant some aptly useful firepower since this newest update also marks the release of ARK’s very first Boss Arena, wherein players will face the giant spider Broodmother in her home turf. Of course, player Tribes can even the odds by bringing dinosaurs with them. It’s just that kind of game.

Those who felt ARK suffered a serious bear shortage will be happy to know that Direbears (Arctodus Dirus) have joined the game’s intimidating wildlife. They’re territorial, but otherwise ignore those who don’t pose a threat. They are formidable foes but make great mounts when tamed. Meanwhile, the Manta Mobula is a giant, water-hopping manta ray that generally keeps to itself. They are not the fastest sea creatures, but present solid offensive strength. Players also do not need to craft any special gear to ride them.

Check out the spotlight video for this latest update below. ARK: Survival Evolved is currently playable on Xbox One, via Microsoft’s Game Preview, and Steam Early Access.