ARK: Survival Evolved Receives New PC Update

Studio Wildcard has released another new update (v255) for ARK: Survival Evolved, adding even more fantastic creatures to the mix, as well as a few other goodies.

Update v255 brings with it even more TEK Tier technology released earlier this year (so expect more dino-lasers), as well as TEK Tier building structures and a ridiculously rad force field that will stop even the baddest dinos — see trailer for example.

As well as sporting some new TEK tech, what would an ARK update be without some rad new dino content, even better, it’s four new creatures. These creatures fit in just fine and can be seen in action below. A bird-dino talons someone off their mount, a couple of marine organisms look to cause a mess and a tree-climbing beast poses a threat. The final little tidbit from this update is a new hairstyle, plus a bonus beard. While not the broadest in customization options, it’s still adding just a bit more flavor.

See the full slew of content in the trailer below: