Artifact Adventure Gaiden Looks Like an Excellent GameBoy Game

The original GameBoy still has a certain charm about it doesn’t it? Even now, it’s dark-gray on  green display still lives in the hearts of many a gamer. It also appears to be living in the heart of at least one developer too, because there’s a new GameBoy game set to release soon. Artifact Adventure Gaiden looks almost exactly like a game from the GameBoy era. It’s got those classic GameBoy colors and it’s sprites look like they’d be at home in any of the old Final Fantasy games on the system.

Artifact Adventure Gaiden isn’t just a faithful return to the GameBoy aesthetic though; there’s some interesting features awaiting players curious enough to give it a try. Among other things, players can create their own team of allies as they freely travel the game’s world in search of powerful artifacts, artifacts they can then tweak to suit their party’s needs. The game also touts a “choose-your-own-adventure” structure in which the player’s choices in the beginning of the game will have real, scenario-defining, consequences as their story progresses. To quote the game’s tagline “your own choices lay the foundation for the future.”

Artifact Adventure Gaiden is set to release in January 2018 for PC. Those interested can check out it’s steam page right now to learn more or bookmark it for later.