‘Atari: Game Over’ Rises from the Rubbish and Gets a Trailer

Earlier this year, some people dug up all those old E.T. Atari cartridges from a dump in New Mexico and some people were really, really excited about it while everyone else looked at them sideways and tried to slink away as quietly as possible. They recorded that whole experience and will be releasing a documentary giving you all the dirty little details you could hope for. Titled “Atari: Game Over,” it chronicles not only the dig itself but all the events leading up to why E.T. ended up being dumped en masse in the mid 1980s. They recently put up the trailer for the documentary on YouTube, and it honestly looks a lot more interesting than I thought. I’ve never been a big fan of digging through garbage, and watching other people dig through garbage to find specific garbage somehow sounds even less appealing. However, this looks to be half about the dig itself and half about a history lesson of gaming’s most notorious flop with the history behind the game itself offering a very unique perspective on the whole situation. Check out the trailer below to see for yourself. I promise it is at least half interesting.