‘Auto Warriors’ Hits Mobile With Turn-Based Car Combat

Headed by Nick Baynes, director of racing game Split/Second, mobile studio Gunjin Games is working on a new turn-based car combat game meant to take full advantage of the team’s AAA console development experience. Dubbed Auto Warriors, the upcoming tactical car battle title will launch with a 150-level single-player campaign and a full feature multiplayer suite including both one-on-one and Fleet PvP modes.

Set in an alternate world, at the year 2016, Auto Warriors takes place thirty years after a nuclear exchange. The resulting social and environmental fallout has set the society back to a feudal state run by despotic barons. Technology’s been stuck in the mid-1980s, namely weapons and cars. In other words, it’s an alternate, post-apocalyptic 2016 set in a world where the 80s never left. The desolate world’s number one sport is the titular Auto Warrior tournament where people battle each other on barren arenas with their cars. Players take the role of a driver left for dead after a car crash, and found by an Auto Warrior crew. Needless to say, they compete in the Auto Warrior tournament ran by a self-entitled Baron who rules the populace.

Those interested in following the backstory of Auto Warrior can read it in prologue web comic form on the game’s official site. Auto Warrior will be available for free on July 7, for iOS devices via the App Store.