Axiom Verge Temporarily Breaks IndieBox, Back in Stock Now

IndieBox is a service where, once a month, the company mails out an actual in-box, DRM-free USB stick version of a popular indie game.  Past offerings have featured the excellent Rogue Legacy, Captain Forever Remix, The Last Penelope, Steamworld Dig, Super Win the Game, and several other great indies.  The boxes come with plenty of extra goodies inside, too, such as an inflatable ball for Lovely Planet or cardboard plane for Luftrausers.  IndieBox has been doing this for a while and has a handle on how many units they expect to move, and then Axiom Verge comes along and breaks the system in short order

Basically, they sold out in a few days.  Axiom Verge was announced on 10/01, crashed the signup page almost immediately, caused a second order of 500 units to be put in later the same day, and were sold out of those on 10/03.  As of today, though, Axiom Verge is kind-of back in stock, with a disclaimer.  Usually the units are ordered in advance so they can be shipped by month’s end, but the popularity of this one makes that completely impractical.  The way orders from today will be handled is that they’ll all be stockpiled through 10/18, at which point an order to create as many units as IndieBox has moved in those twelve days will be placed.  The usual promise of an end-of-month delivery won’t apply for obvious reasons, but you’ll still get a boxed physical copy of Axiom Verge to call your own, complete with soundtrack CD and other unannounced goodies.  Whatever may be in there, though, IndieBox had to retool the game box to make room for it.

Kicking myself for not ordering my copy when I knew supplies were low?  Yes, yes I am.  Ah well, it will make a nice November arrival.  Get yours over here and we can enjoy the wait together.