Back 4 Blood to Feature AI Director, Card Systems for Replayability

Turtle Rock Studios today revealed Back 4 Blood’s AI Director and card systems, which both serve to enhance challenge and replayability.

Back 4 Blood’s four-player co-op zombie slaying action won’t be a simple walk in the park every playthrough. While players will no doubt be able to slay zombies with ease in some runs, the game won’t make it easy all the time. That’s thanks to the Director, an AI working in the background to learn player’s strengths and weakness, and provide an appropriate challenge.

That challenge ties in with the game’s card system. The Director is able to play a series of Corruption Cards that impact how players play the game. For example, the Director could send Blighted Ridden that leave behind pools of acid, or Armored Ridden that are protected by body armor. To counter this, players can assemble or choose pre-determined decks filled with cards that aide players. Want to focus heavy on fire damage? There’s a card that regenerates health for every kill by fire.

The trailer also provided an insight into Back 4 Blood’s customization. By completing objectives and side activities, players earn Supply Points to unlock additional cards and cosmetic items. No word yet on how Turtle Rock Studios intend on monetizing Back 4 Blood. Hopefully, everything can be properly earned in-game at very reasonable rates that don’t force people to open their wallets.

Back 4 Blood launches October 12 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.