Battle Styles Mechanic Added to Pokémon TCG

The release of Pokémon Sword and Shield’s expansion, the Isle of Armor, sets trainers on a path of choice. In the end you get to evolve Kubfu into one of two versions of Urshifu that has a unique way of fighting. Now, in a brand new addition to the Pokémon TCG, that same idea is being applied.

Battle Styles divides numerous Pokémon into two groups Single Strike and Rapid Strike. The former comprises of powerful Pokémon cards able to use knockout attacks such as Urshifu V and Tyranitar V. While the other side features more strategic Pokémon using technical moves like the other Urshifu V and Empoleon V. At least 60 cards will be released along with Elite Trainer Boxes and special collections will be released on March 21.

Check out the full announcement on the official Pokémon Press website and view the trailer below for a sneak peek at some of the cards and which Pokémon falls on each side.


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