Beethoven’s 5th Symphony Kicks Off Earth Defense Force 5 TGS Trailer

There is nothing that signifies the idea of Five better than Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, and Earth Defense Force is no stranger to the epic level of bombast necessary to live up to the music.  The Tokyo Game Show trailer is little more than a tease but it shows that there will be lots that’s familiar to series fans, as well as plenty of new ridiculous enemies to unleash the might of the EDF against.  It’s got a giant kaiju frog-man, and in case you thought that’s a typo- giant kaiju frog-man.  Whatever else  Earth Defense Force may be, it looks like it will be as over the top and tongue-in-cheek as ever, and the action promises to melt the poor PS4 into a puddle of overheated slag.  That’s really all the series fans could have asked.