‘Behind Mulaka’ Documentary Details Importance of Cultural Conservation

The third and final video in a series of documentary-style videos posted to Lienzo’s YouTube channel talks about their game Mulaka and how they’re trying to preserve their culture’s history through it.

Mulaka is a game based in the mythology of the Tarahumara people of Mexico, with spirits that live in all things (animate or inanimate) and gods of water and nature. It’s also a simple and fun third-person action adventure with interesting gameplay mechanics and puzzles. You can hear more of our thoughts on the game via our recent preview from PAX West 2017. In it, we talk about how the team at Lienzo recreated the actual homeland of the Tarahumara tribe in the game and how authentically they did it.

This video offers a firsthand looks at the people, culture, and geography that Lienzo is attempting to recreate. Check it out below:

The previous videos in the series focused on the history and mythology of the Tarahumara. You can take a look at thoseĀ here and here, respectively.

Mulaka was part of the first batch of Nindies announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch back in early 2018. It will also be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.