Blaziken Officially Announced to Join Pokkén Tournament

While we did see Blaziken staring down Lucario in an early teaser image nearly two years ago, it’s finally been confirmed everyone’s favorite kickin’ chicken is in Pokkén Tournament. This starter Pokémon hails from the Hoenn region and recently made its Mega Evolution debut in the sixth generation of games.

Blaziken are fast and furious according to its stats and gain even more of an advantage via its abilities and attacks. Expect Blaziken to show off a few Flare Blitzes and Fire Punches, the only way to counter it would be absorbing an attack with your face. It’s even doing backflips to avoid being hit; that’s how agile Blaziken can be.

Watch Blaziken deliver round after round of well-timed Blaze Kicks in its debut trailer below: