Blazing Chrome Shows Off Second Level in New Gameplay Video

We’ve talked about the Contra-inspired side-scrolling action game Blazing Chrome a few months ago, and how The Arcade Crew and developers Joymasher have been replicating that old-school style rather nicely. But should you require more clips of the game in action to sell you on it, then good news, because now we get an official peak at the game’s second level, which you can naturally check out below.

We begin on a promising note, riding in on hoverbikes while blowing away several enemies. Then we transition into standard run-and-gun action, even getting into the same type of rail-climbing action its inspiration had before concluding with the beginning of a massive boss fight, as should be the norm. It all looks like a true blast from the past, and we look forward to Blazing Chrome when it hits later this year.