Blazing Legion: Ignition Revealed with Burning Hot Trailer

Nobody with a giant robot gets to live a peaceful life.  Mechs are made for specific tasks and very few pilots get to use them for farming, construction, or general industry.  Vana is not one of the lucky ones, and she and her mech must survive the bullet-hell skies of a world going through a major upheaval.  Blazing Legion: Ignition was announced today with a brief teaser trailer, balanced between an introspective moment for Vana as she takes stock of herself in the mirror and quick cuts of intense action flying through the skies or running over the ground as the chaos lets loose all around and the soundtrack switches from quiet synth to wailing guitar and back again.  The movement actually gets a bit too intense for video conversion at one point, with compression artifacts that won’t be in the game doing a number on the action around the 0:22 mark.  While clarity would be nice the promise of high speed aerial combat with fighters popping off missiles all around is easy to get excited for, but it’s going to be a bit longer before Blazing Legion’s fall 2018 projected release.  Check out the trailer below to see the fierce mech action and the brief moment of rest as Vana keeps it together for the next mission.