Block’Hood Launches its Arcologies Into VR

Somehow it’s been two years since Block’Hood hit Steam’s Early Access and almost a full year since it graduated to full release.  The eco-friendly community-builder was a wonderfully friendly take on the city sim genre, requiring you to balance nature, inhabitant needs and sustainability while growing the world up, not out.  The problem with packing all that detail into a 3D environment was navigating around it, finding the right block when you needed to fix something broken deep inside, and while there were navigation tools, it’s hard to compare to just reaching out and grabbing the world.

Block’Hood VR came out today and lets you break free from the god’s eye view and take a nice, close look at the little environment you’ve made, turning the diorama in your hands as you watch its inhabitants go about their business.  Or watching the entire structure decay as its systems break down due to a vitally important yet somehow overlooked imbalance.  It takes a delicate touch to construct a world of harmonious systems, but spying on a functioning neighborhood as its parts all work together and feed off each other to sustain its inhabitants is a deeply satisfying form of ecologically responsible voyeurism.

Block’Hood VR is a separate game from Block’Hood, although current owners get a nice 25% discount in addition to its 10%-off sale price.  The new game VR version also comes with a few updates and bug-fixes that will be making their way into the non-VR version fairly shortly, so both games can be played on equal footing.