Bloodborne PS4 Bundle Announced for Europe

If you haven’t yet purchased a PS4 and want one for Bloodborne then you’re in luck; so long as you live in Europe. The Bloodborne bundle unfortunately isn’t anything flashy, but it is a nice combo for those who’ve been waiting out jumping to a current-gen system.

The Bundle will include the following:

  • Bloodborne
  • Black PS4 console
  • Black Dualshock 4

Also released was a new video detailing the Chalice Dungeons. The Chalice Dungeons are a collection of random areas that players can summon using items obtained in the game. After performing a ritual in the game’s main area you’ll spawn a completely unique dungeon. The difficulty of the area¬†along with the enemies and boss fights will all vary from experience to experience. After defeating the boss you can save and replay it or spawn a new one by doing another ritual. For more details watch the video below.

The Bloodborne Bundle will be available launch day across Europe on March 25, and you can start pre-ordering today. There’s no word of a North American Bundle as of yet, but you can probably assume on the safe side that there will be. Bloodborne launches in North America on March 24.


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