Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Coming to PC in 2022

We have seen several spiritual successors hit big – whether it’s Bloodstained, Mighty Gunvolt Burst, or even newer games like Taxi Chaos. There’s a market for reviving a gameplay style when the creators of it won’t make something new, and Bomb Rush Cyberfunk looks to do just that for Jet Set Radio. A new trailer showed off some of the cel shaded, paint-tagging action and the stakes are definitely amped up from what JSR veterans are used to. Instead of just going for stationary targets, you also have moving targets LIKE TRAINS to tag. It looks to have a fast pace to it and definitely keeps the same kind of soundtrack as the JSR games. With a 2022 release date, Team Reptile has the time to make this a classic – and we’ll be keeping an eye on its progress.