Boomerang X Also Heading to Switch Alongside PC This Spring

Not that it was an absolute necessity to include such a sharp, bold color scheme in its art-style, but needless to say the visual stylings of the upcoming Boomerang X have only elevated what was already an attractive gameplay proposal. Said gameplay being a first-person, hack-and-slash affair involving, if it wasn’t obvious already, hurling a boomerang at nearby/distant nasties. The ability to instantly call back or even warp to your trustee weapon, meaning the game is nothing short of a maniacally rampant yet satisfying burst of fun.

And having already been announced for PC, it would seem Switch owners will also get the chance to see this latest little game flying under the Devolver Digital banner. While no specific release date was given, we now know that Boomerang X is targeting a Spring release across both platforms. If you haven’t caught sight yet of the game’s wave-after-wave, free-flowing set-up, you can check out the game’s original announcement trailer below.

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