Boomerang X Begins Its Fling This July

Devolver Digital had to cram announcements concerning eight different games into their Max Pass Plus presentation, but it’s pretty clear they still had a lot more to showcase. Shortly before the showcase, they announced reverse city-builder Terra Nil, and now shortly after the showcase, they’re dropping the release date for Dang!’s first-person action game Boomerang X upon us. The news came courtesy of the new trailer below, which shows our protagonist picking up the mystical razor-sharp boomerang and then using it to take care of several waves of dark creatures on their way through the Godpath, ready to discover what lies within it. Thankfully, players will have lightning-quick jumping skills, the ability to slow time, and more to assist them on this journey when Boomerang X arrives for the PC and Switch on July 8, at which point we’ll see if this game can truly go the distance.