Bravery Network Online Brings Its RPG Brawling to Early Access February 16

Today, most major sports revolve around teams of people scoring points with some sort of ball. This is just how sports are since real-life is rather mundane and has to abide by certain rules. In fictional worlds though, anything goes. Games have introduced players to all manner of fictional sports, and Bravery Network Online will be introducing one more once it enters Steam Early Access on February 16.

In the world of “Tower 6” the single most popular sport in the world is “Bravery,” a full-contact sport wherein teams of five people fight it out with flashy, high-tech attacks. As the coach of a certain braver team, players will have to train up their roster of fighters and figure out the best match-ups in each fight. Use a turn to swap fighters, choose an attack or use an item, and the opposing team will  do the same. It’s a setup very similar to that of Pokemon, but it might just be able to do it better. Check out the trailer above and see if Bravery Network Online is worth considering.