Broforce Exiting Early Acces 10/15, Gets Ultimate Patriotic Music Video to Celebrate

Broforce has had a good run on Early Access, constantly adding levels and new playable characters during its 18 months of public development.  That couldn’t last forever, though, so now Broforce has an official release date of October 15.  Operation Full Release will see the bros get a final set of missions in Hell, fighting against that great enemy of Freedom itself, Satan.  That’s only a week off, so if you want to get the 5-track Broforce album being given free to all Early Access customers, now would be the time to jump on it.  Check out the video below to see American awesomeness so pure it would bring a sparkly star-shaped tear to an eagle’s eye.

Also from the newsletter announcing the release is the line “Broforce is available now on Steam Early Access and is set to arrive on PlayStation 4 early next
year but probably won’t make it to Dreamcast.”  Which leaves just enough wiggle-room for hope!