Brutal Dungeon Crawler Brut@l Comes to PC Today

The intense and stylized dungeon crawler, Brut@l, is coming to Steam today and will get a 20% discounted price for a limited time.

Word comes by way of Rising Star Games, the publisher behind Brut@l, who said Stormcloud Games has made Brut@l available on Steam and will be releasing it physically in February in the U.S. They also released a trailer for the PC version on YouTube to get you excited.

In Brut@l, you can take on the procedurally generated maps on your own, or with a friend with the local co-op. To make it interesting, though, if your teammate goes down, you’ll have to wager whether going on without them is the better plan, or if you should sacrifice some of your own health to get them back on their feet.

You’ll be able to choose from four different classes of characters with different abilities and weapons, as well as craft new weapons and brew potions, so you can take on the dungeons the way you like. The Amazon class, the fastest and most agile of the bunch, uses kicks to take down enemies. The Mage uses a long ranged staff that can blast fireballs and things of this nature. The Ranger is another fast character but can deal better damage than the Amazon. And finally, there’s the Warrior, who is slow and prodding, with big hits that can deal devastating damage. This combined with various enchantments, potions, and talismans that can give you a number of power-ups that you can min-max to customize the game to your playstyle.

Map creation is also a part of Brut@l, where you can create your own levels with various monsters, loot, and architecture. So you can make it as brutal as you want.

Brut@l is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and now PC for $14.99 USD, although you can pick it up at a discount right now on Steam.