Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Unloads on a Launch Trailer

People can Fly’s Bulletstorm was woefully ignored back in the day. It wasn’t long after it launched before people could snag copies for a third of the original asking price, which was good for those who needed convincing to give it a chance, because it was truly something special. Boasting some incredibly fun weapons with uses that could be matched with the environments to rack up creative kills and a better score, it was a playground for those whose sense of humor ran cheerfully dark. The fact that Gearbox is willing to put so much work into bringing it back on modern consoles with the Full Clip Edition makes a certain amount of sense.

The launch for this retooling is coming very soon. April 7 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One to be precise. With is imminent arrival, the studio has released the expected launch trailer (seen below). I does a pretty decent job of showcasing the new improvements, including 4K support, better framerate, increased polygon counts, and hi-res textures. It also shows off the action in a way that reminded me that there was more to it than simply cycling through the weapons to find the funniest kill; the firefights themselves can get pretty harrowing. While I am withholding judgement regarding whether or not this upgrade is worth the premium asking price that it’s launching with until our review lands, I feel that Gearbox makes a pretty good case for it with this trailer.