Bust Out the Best Moves for a Street Level Dance-Off in Floor Kids

It takes a lot of skill to build of a dance crew. You can’t just nicely ask people to join, but instead need to show you’ve got the skills to be worthy of their talent. Floor Kids is an urban dancing game where you start with little more than some moves and a dream, and need to use both to recruit other dancers to your team. While originally it was designed as a mobile title, with the dance moves controlled Ouendan-style by swiping and tapping the screen, the Nintendo Switch turned out to be the perfect console to make an appearance on. When I got to play this last September I was instantly taken with by the music and animation, and found controlling the dancers by screen-touch to be nicely responsive. Floor Kids has come a long way since its origin as an musical animated collaboration between artist JonJon (a former street dancer himself) and the DJ Kid Koala, and its tone and style hasn’t changed a bit in the transition from a video short into a full-blown game.  As for the seven years since the original, it takes a while to hand-animate roughly one billionty frames per character when all their dance moves are taken into account.