Call of the Sea Now Set For a December Release

The Xbox Series X’s launch has been hindered a bit by two of its marquee titles, Halo Infinite and The Medium, being delayed until next year. However, it does look like at least one notable title shown off for the console will be coming out soon: Call of the Sea. First revealed in May as part of a Series X gameplay showcase, the Lovecraft-inspired tale from developers Out of the Blue and Raw Fury may not have been the most talked-about game to emerge from the event, but it still looked like an impressive adventure game nonetheless. And now with an early December release date, we won’t have to wait long to see how well it plays.

The release date was announced via the trailer below, which gives us a quick look at the plot and setting, as well as a puzzle or two. Set in the 1930s, Call of the Sea is about the journey of a woman (voiced by Cissy Jones of Firewatch fame) to a mysterious South Pacific island in order to find out what happened to their husband, who went missing during an expedition. As expected, the investigation takes a turn for the surreal, leading through odd and colorful environments and equally odd scenarios as our heroine hunts for various clues leading to the truth. Call of the Sea arrives on December 8 for the XSX, with XB1 and PC versions in tow as well, and will be available with Xbox Game Pass.

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