Catch a Legendary Ride in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The latest little snippit of a trailer for Pokemon showcases traversal across the Paldea region with the two box legendaries as players ride, soar and swim across the open landscape. While this trailer seems to revisit a lot of old footage, we do actually see one tiny unrevealed element that is easy to miss. During a swimming segment at the 16 second mark we see an icon on the map that seems to indicate a Terestal den with a ghost icon, meaning that we’ll be able to see what type of Terstal Pokemon we’ll be up against before visiting it. This is a minor detail perhaps, but it’s a nice way to easily notify players if a Terastal is one they might like or due to skip for the time being.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is launching for Nintendo Switch on November 18. Check out the latest little trailer below: