Century: Age of Ashes Begins Next Closed Beta on March 12

Century: Age of Ashes, a multiplayer dragon battle game, will be starting its second closed beta test this coming Friday. In preparation for this, developer Playwing released some new gameplay footage today, highlighting the game’s three classes as well as the game modes players will be able to enjoy should they decide to participate.

In Century: Age of Ashes, player have their choice of either the Phantom, the Marauder or the Windguards. Phantoms are good at stealthy ambushes, escapes and traps; Marauders track their prey and bring them down with raw power, and Windguards support their team with shields and clouds of poison gas.

At launch, Century: Age of Ashes will have at least three main game modes. The first is “Carnage.” Players must gain points for their team by defeating members of the opposite team, but each kill increases the bounty on their own head. “Survival” is basically just that: survive until the other teams are completely eliminated.

Defeated players can only respawn if a teammate picks them up and returns them to the team base, so defending downed players is just as important as bringing down others. Anyone who’s played “Elimination” in games like Destiny 2 will likely pick this one up pretty quickly. Lastly, there’s “Raid.” In this one, teams compete over possession of a flag, but the flag-carrying team can only score points by flying through special gates scattered across the map.

Century: Age of Ashes is currently slated for a PC release in April, though no hard release date has been announced yet. Interested players can access the game and apply for the closed beta via Steam.