Check out 2D Soccer with Kopanito All-Star Soccer

The world’s largest sport can sometimes get a little too serious in it’s virtual form. So if you’re looking for a break from games like Fifa, PES, or even Rocket League Kopanito All-Star Soccer might be for you.

Kopanito is a game being developed by Merix Games and it’s meant to bring the fun to into a game millions of people love. Simply put, it’s a wacky 2D soccer game where you can drop down fans to prevent goals and use magnets to take the ball off course, nothing serious about this game at all.

Here’s what you can expect at launch:

  • 113 national teams from every corner of the world
  • 6 different players pre team (5 field players + goalkeeper)
  • Players varied by toughness, speed, shooting, passing, and tackling
  • 16 championships to win a singleplayer mode (local co-op possible too), 152 matches in total
  • Local multiplayer mode up to 5 players ( 4 gamepads + keyboard) can be played in any configuration
  • Practice mode
  • 7 colorful stadiums + training pitch
  • Support for controllers, but they aren’t required
  • 4 diversifying gameplay super-moves at start (windmaker, supershot, magnet, teleport)

If you’re interested or not sure check out the video below and you can take the game for a spin on it’s Steam Greenlight page.