Check Out New Footage of a Dwarf Fortress Visualizer

Dwarf Fortress is probably one of the weirdest games imaginable. It’s a construction-management-roguelike, and lends itself to some of the wildest gameplay stories you’ll ever hear. It’s also played entirely in ASCII. Yes, for a refresher, this is what Dwarf Fortress looks like normally:


So a visualizer to turn it into something more akin to a “proper video game” with 3D graphics is actually a huge deal. That’s where “Armok Vision” comes in, a visualizer that renders Dwarf Fortress into something closer to Minecraft. As of now, Armok Vision cannot be used in real-time and instead is meant to view environments later, but there are actually visualizers with real-time use in mind, such as “stonesense.”

Of course, whether any of it actually comes out is anyone’s guess, but for now, check out an example of a fortress rendered in Armok Vision:

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