Check out Yakuza 6’s Debut Trailer

The debut trailer for Yakuza 6 has just been posted online, and you can watch it below to see series mainstay Kazuma Kiryu roundhouse some fool in the face in slow-motion.

The trailer is pretty light on story or details, focusing instead on the improved visual fidelity of the new game and on Kazuma punching dudes in the street. There’s also a bit of slower-paced action as Kazuma navigates across some rooftops, but mostly it’s a collection of Kazuma rocking some thugs like a thug.

It feels like Yakuza month around these parts. Everywhere I turn, there’s another Yakuza trailer, be it for Yakuza 5Yakuza 0 or now Yakuza 6. It’s impossible to keep up. But hey, they’re all pretty fun trailers, so it’s tough to complain. Check out Yakuza 6‘s trailer for yourself below.