Chibi-Robo Whips it Good in New Zip Lash Trailer

Chibi-Robo is, easily, one of Nintendo’s best characters.  The little helper-bot may not have the name recognition of, basically, anyone or anything else Nintendo publishes, but ever since the Gamecube debut game he’s been tirelessly moving along, bouncing from genre to genre in hopes of finding a home.  The next game in the series is Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash, and it just got a new trailer to show off the game’s moves.

Zip Lash is a platformer using Chibi-Robo’s plug as its central mechanic, shooting it out to latch on to special blocks, take out obstacles, and pick up collectibles.  Colored outlets let Chibi-Robo gain elemental abilities for a short while, freezing and burning his way through areas as the need arises.  The game will also be available in regular or amiibo bundle versions, and who doesn’t need a little Chibi-Robo to keep them company?

Read our preview here and watch the trailer below: