Chaos Reigns in Cruis’n Blast’s Crazy Tracks

It looks like Raw Thrills is going all in on classic arcade silliness for Cruis’n Blast. New gameplay footage featuring several of the arcade racers tracks was released today, and it certainly seems like nothing is being held back. Five out of the game’s six tours was shown; that is, one track each from “Space Attack,” “Dino Janeiro,” “Mountain Mayhem,” “British Invasion” and “Twister Terror” can be seen in the trailer below.

Cruis’n Blast will be launching with a total of 29 tracks and 23 vehicles. It will also support features like four player local network and multiplayer split-screen. It’s been a very long time since the Cruis’n series has had a console release, so hopefully this one will be fun enough to justify future development.

Cruis’n Blast launches on September ‚Äč14 for Nintendo Switch.