Chroma Quaternion Now Available for PS4 & PS5

Chroma Quaternion was recently released for Steam, Xbox One and Switch but now PlayStation owners can get in on the action. This RPG title takes you across seasonal-themed kingdoms on a journey to rid the world of a threat.

Each area is themed after one of the four seasons with different cultures and interesting locations. Control characters in turn-based battles with unique abilities and summoning of beasts. Each party member has roles they can fit which comes with costumes and skills. These can help during fights by providing different tactics. Chroma Quaternion features whimsical pixel art, dungeons to explore and quests to accomplish. There are also raving pop star fans to defeat.

It is now available on PS4 and PS5 but does not have cross-save compatibility. They both have the same content with the PS5 version including a vibration function. There seems to be a lot of classic entertainment packed into Chroma Quaternion which will keep you busy throughout each season of the year.