Chucklefish to Help Publish Sci-Fi Adventure/RPG Game Eastward

Chucklefish Games has been making some notable strides in the past few years towards helping to publish several hi-bit, retro-styled games such as Stardew Valley and Risk of Rain, among other titles and potential hits yet to come. And now they’ve announced that they’re teaming up with Shangahi-based developers Pixpil to help provide a hand in putting out their new adventure/RPG game Eastward, a sci-fi title inspired by ’90s Japanese animation and Super Nintendo classics, as seen in the announcement trailer below that feels like a mash-up of Earthbound, Miyazaki, and The Last of Us.

Set in a future where the Earth is beginning to rot and human population is dwindling, you play as John, a digger who suddenly finds himself tasked with guiding a mysterious girl named Sam through several areas where danger and/or colorful characters lurk around every corner as they battle monsters, solve puzzles, and explore the occasional ruins along the way. It looks absolutely gorgeous, seems to have a promising narrative, and the gameplay appears to be a blast, so Eastward is definitely one to be on your radar. No release window has been announced yet (and the only announced platform so far is the PC), but make sure to pay attention as more details are released over time.

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