Chicory: A Colorful Tail Paints in a 2021 Release Window

One of the great sages of the modern age, Stephen Wright, once said “It’s a small world but I wouldn’t want to paint it.”  While the sentiment still holds up overall, it was made in a world where almost everything is pre-colored already and also has a disappointing shortage of magical paintbrushes.  The world of Chicory: A Colorful Tale doesn’t have these limitations, and that changes everything.  Admitted, it did actually start out almost fully colored in, but the current painter Chicory has disappeared and all the color with her, so Chicory’s assistant picks up the brush to see about setting things right again.

Once out into the world the assistant (dress them up however you like and assign in your head whatever gender you prefer) gets to work painting the world like it’s a giant coloring book.  Some residents are happy just to get a little visual excitement slathered back on their houses while others have more specific requests, such as designing a t-shirt, but all the interaction is down to painting.  This is also true out in the field, where coloring in flowers can make them grow so you can walk on them between cliffs, or drawing patterns on a door unlocks it.  The important thing is that Chicory is cute and loveable to its very core, as anyone who’s played its recent Steam-fest demo can attest, and while there’s no release date yet there is a release window.  More like one of those giant bay windows, admitted, but even so Chicory: A Colorful Tale is coming out in 2021.  Not only that it’s coming to PS4/PS5 in addition to PC, and in celebration there’s a brand-new trailer.  Give it a watch below and get ready to slap some paint around the world.