Classic Williams Pinball Sorcerer Added to Pinball Arcade

One of the great things about pinball is the way that, while older tables may look and sound different, they’re just as accessible as modern machines.  Two or more flippers, a silver ball, a pile of targets, and you’re ready to go whether that be on something from the 1950s or the blinking light show of a modern layout.  Williams pinball in the mid-80s had a distinctive sound and feel, all crunchy sound effects and open layouts tuned for fast shooting.  The latest table to get preserved in The Pinball Arcade is Sorcerer, a mid-80s machine that may not be at the same design tier as High Speed but still holds its own in the Williams library.  The field is dominated by trippy art of wizards that don’t quite match the voice coming from the speakers, but the shot layout is clean enough that it’s always clear what the next goal is.  Light up the S-O-R-C-E-R-E-R lights, get the bonus targets in the upper-right before they time out, and use the ramp on the left for multiball and you’ll do fine.

As always with a new release comes a hint as to next month’s release, although “hint” might be putting it kindly seeing as it basically says straight-out it’s Banzai Run.  That’s one to look forward to, seeing as it’s a distinctive oddball where the backglass is actually a multi-tiered vertical playfield.  It should be fun to see how the pinball physics hold up under that kind of change.

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