Survival-Adventure Cloudscape Ventures Forth Onto Kickstarter

The world of gaming would be a terrible place if its heroes could keep a single memory in their head. All those protagonists fighting towards justice only to find out *shock!* they’re fighting their family just wouldn’t have the same impact if they knew from the start, so before the adventure begins memory has got to go.  The latest adventurer with great skills and little recollection is the fluffy-white hero of Cloudscape, Kumo, washed up on the beach with just the clothes on their back.  Like so many who have come before, though, Kumo knows how to make a few basic tools from the junk lying around, and soon enough they’ve got a cozy little base to call home.  Except a nearly deserted island is never going to be home, even if it’s comfortable, so that’s where the Zelda-styled adventuring comes in.

Cloudscape is a combination of farming/survival gaming and classic overhead-view action-RPG, and it debuted on Kickstarter today.  The island at the start is one of many, and the object is to reconnect the world through exploration, social interactions, and even some action-oriented dungeon crawling.  Cloudscape is aiming to have a decent balance between the crafting, farming (both plants and animals), cooking, etc. of the survival gameplay and the monster-smacking of a good Zelda/Alundra/3D Dot Heroes-type of adventure.  That’s more than a few systems to balance, especially for a mostly-single-developer game, but developer Konitama (Chris Gottron) has had decades of experience in digital animation, most recently with the excellent She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, so hitting an expected level of quality on a budget and deadline seems like it’s got a good probability of success.

Cloudscape is currently running on Kickstarter and is off to a decently strong start, easily blowing past the 50% mark before the first day is up.  Head on over and take a look, or at least check out the lovely introductory trailer below.