Co-op FPS Earthfall Now Available, Complete With Launch Trailer

Seattle-based developers Holospark are now inviting you to defend their city – and the rest of the Pacific Northwest as well – from hordes of invading aliens in Earthfall, their new co-op first-person shooter that is now available for all to check out. Set in 2031 after a meteor strike, as seen in the new launch trailer below, the game sees you and up to three friends blasting away hordes of monsters all across the Northwest, making due with what you can find.

The clip also shows a good chunk of the gameplay as well, which sprawls across multiple campaigns with a variety of different areas and enemies, making sure players stay on their toes. And thanks to Mixer integration, those streaming the game may suddenly find themselves at the mercy of those watching, ready to spawn more beasts to battle. Earthfall is now available for PC, XB1, and PS4, with free DLC set to arrive every four to six weeks, and may be just the thing you’re looking for if you have a Left 4 Dead-style itch to scratch.