Code of Princess Gets Trailer to Show Off Pending PC Release

Code of Princess was a 3DS fantasy-brawler that did pretty ok for itself back in 2012, but that tiny screen didn’t do the detailed character art any favors.  That’s no longer going to be a problem, though, thanks to Degica’s pending PC release, which will finally give the game’s art the necessary breathing room.  The side-scrolling brawler is best compared to Treasure’s Guardian Heroes thanks to its multiple planes of fighting, ability to assign points to your favorite stat to make sure each of the four playable characters level up in a way that fits your fighting style, and a strong system of combos to knock the many fantasy-styled enemies around with.  The new PC version looks fairly similar to its 3DS counterpart, for better of for worse, but it also preserves the online fighting in both co-op and versus mode.  There’s no hiding Code of Princess’ handheld roots, but the brawling/RPG hybrid with its excellent character designs should make for some fantastic beat-’em-up action when it lands this April.