Codemasters Announces New Arcade Racer ONRUSH

Arcade racers have been in short supply — but Codemasters is set to change that with ONRUSH. Partnering with Deep Silver, this all-terrain racer features motorcycles, regular fast cars, all-terrain vehicles and blends fast-paced action with bumping folks off the road as quickly and violently as possible. Tricks are also in-play and allow you to rub salt in the wound as you pass your foes. The game is set for an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release in the summer of 2018, and shows a great deal of promise even now. There haven’t been many arcade racers since the demise of the Burnout franchise, and while The Crew 2 will have a similar kind of vehicle variety, it probably won’t have the same kind of frantic energy ONRUSH showcases so far. We’ll be keeping an eye on ONRUSH as its release draws ever-closer.