Contra Returns Bursts onto iOS, Android Today

The newest Contra game that actually kind of looks like a Contra game, Contra Returns, is now available on iOS and Android. This is supposedly an enhanced remake of the original arcade game, and it features somewhere around 200 levels for players to blast their way through. In addition to “One-life Mode:” the standard arcade experience, Contra Returns features the following:

  • Underwater 8: A co-op mode wherein players attempt to tackle eight levels of varying difficulty.
  • Classic Team: A cooperative version of the arcade mode. Players must work together to clear all the story stages and earn rewards.
  • Ultimate Tournament: This is some sort of tournament mode wherein players compete online for bragging rights and possible rewards. It’s likely players will compete via one of the PvP modes.
  • PVP Modes: These include Ranked Match, 1v1 Warm up, 1v1 Hero Battlefield, 3v3 Fort Battle, and something called “2v2 Ultra Rapid Fire.”

Those thinking about picking up Contra Returns should be aware that it utilizes some form of microtransactions. How they affect the game hasn’t been greatly detailed by Konami, so it would be good to go in cautiously.

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