Cris Tales Shares Its Opening Cinematic Ahead of Launch

Is there anything more that can be said about Modus Games and developers Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK’s time-bending RPG Cris Tales at this point, given all of our previous coverage dedicated to it? Possibly not, which is why the game’s latest tease leading up to its release doesn’t actually say anything…well, not with words, anyway. During Gamespot’s recent Play for All E3 showcase, the opening cinematic for the game was fully debuted, which not only introduces us to our Time Mage protagonist Crisbell, but also shows off some of the allies that will join them, the abilities they possess, the enemies (both major and minor) that they’ll have to fight, and hints of the game’s world and story, all with some absolutely dazzling animation. Cris Tales arrives on July 20 for all major platforms, and we know now that it’ll at least greet us with something beautiful then.