Cryptarch Making its Way to PlayStation 4, Launches on Early Access

No, not that Cryptarch, Destiny fans.

Even though roguelike shooters are all the rage (none of them will be better than The Binding of Isaac Rebirth and Nuclear Throne, just saying), there is always room for more fast-paced, tough-as-nails shooting action. For those looking to get their roguelike on on their PlayStation 4, Cryptarch is making its way to the system, promising intense difficulty and rapid action.

Developer Alien Trap Games, which released Cryptarch on Steam Early Access today, is aiming to bring the finished product to PlayStation 4 sometime next year. They’re promising an interesting loot collection system and a whole bunch of sci-fi laden alien destruction. If you want to get a sneak peak of what you can experience in Cryptarch, take a look at the trailer below.