Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Announced with Trailer

Being such a prolific series, the announcement of a new Neptune game isn’t exactly surprising. The franchise has a dedicated fan base, this writer included, so making a new entry was pretty much guaranteed. What is interesting about this one is the form the next title is taking. Previously, the action focused ones never made their way to console. That is changing with Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online, developed by Idea Factory, Tamsoft, and Compile Heart. The stuff that makes this one promising goes further than that.

Despite the name, this isn’t going to be an MMO. Instead, the goddesses log into a game in hopes of being the first ones to defeat the Demon King. They will have to contend with other players, as well as system glitches, to come out on top. Playing the game solo, players will be able to switch between any four party members while in the dungeon whenever they want. The more sociable gamer can also participate in four player co-op online, with a bump in difficulty and extra loot.

Looking at the trailer, seen below, it appears that there will be some character variety to be enjoyed. Combining this with cosmetic items that can be “resized, rotated, and placed anywhere,” there should be a nice smorgasbord in the player models found online. The publisher is also promising a wide variety of skills for each character that can be mapped to the face buttons, ensuring that not every build will be the same. Overall, the idea of an action/RPG version of Neptunia on a higher power console was enough to get my attention. What the developers are trying to do to give the players more ownership over their characters has me intrigued. Since it’s set to release this Winter for PlayStation 4 and Steam, it’ll be a bit before we can get our hands on it. Knowing Idea Factory, though, there is sure to be a tantalizing drip feed of information in the months to come.