D.Va’s New Emote is the Greatest Thing to Happen to Overwatch

Okay, maybe the title is a bit hyperbolic, but if you’re like me, you can’t help but smile whenever Overwatch’s D.Va does anything.

Blizzard revealed that more fun D.Va goodness was on the way, as Overwatch’s public test for the latest patch revealed a new 1000 credit emote that has our favorite mech-pilot/professional gamer playing a holographic game and eating Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew.


This emote is a reference to Gremlin D.Va, a popular fan creation that sees the recently-buffed tank hero eating Doritos and slinging back Dew like some sort of monster. This is just one of the new emotes that will likely make their way into Overwatch with the next patch, though most of the other additions involve heroes either sitting down or laughing. YouTuber Seba has composed a video that shows all of the new emotes, for those of you that are curious:

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