Dangerous Kitchen’s Debutant De Mambo Launching Next Week

Developer The Dangerous Kitchen have been working on their first title, De Mambo, for a good three years now having skirted public showing and conventions alike to showcase their rather chaotic though colorful delivery of solo, split-screen and co-op “action platforming”. De Mambo boasts “one button action” (including the D-Pad) wherein the only aim and goal is to knock your opponent from out the centre of the main screen but also find a way to escape the confines of your surroundings using only one’s momentum and erratic movement.

Having already released in Japan, the game was expected to arrive in the West on June 29 but a last-minute delay saw the release slip slightly into next week, July 13. It’ll be available first on Nintendo Switch with further iterations across PS4, Vita & PC to follow thereafter. Check out the game’s original announcement trailer below and wrap your head around (or at least try to) the gameplay.