DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Coming to Nintendo Switch

Taking down bad guys and saving the world can be hard work but being a teenager is sometimes even more challenging. Popular comic book characters from DC know all about that challenging balance. Now, fans of DC Super Hero Girls can check it out with the upcoming video game on Nintendo Switch.

In DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl have to take down some of the worst criminals and villains in order to save Metropolis. They each use their unique skills to get the job done. Wonder Woman has her Lasso of Truth and Flying Shield, Supergirl uses Heat Vision and Super-Breath, and Batgirl whips up classic gadgets like the Batarang and Bat-Hook. Once the day is saved they get to explore having fun as teenagers do. Art style is based on the animated series and gameplay shows hordes of enemies in beat’em up style.

Young fans can check out the game on Nintendo Switch starting June 4. Watch the trailer below for a quick look at the superhero action to come.