Dead Rising 3 Out Today On PC, Gets Insane Launch Trailer

Xbox One owners, those rumors you heard about Dead Rising 3 were true. Sure, you guys had some great times together. Truly memorable moments. Remember when you put on that shark head and used a chaingun to mow down an entire neighborhood’s worth of zombies? Nothing can take that away. This might come as sad news to you all, but Dead Rising 3 doesn’t think you guys should be exclusive anymore. It isn’t you. It’s them. They want to meet new people. Experiment with a high end graphics card. But hey, they’ll still call on the weekends, alright?

Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition is hitting the PC today and comes bundled with some DLC for those that just can’t kill enough zombies. The former Xbox One exclusive will need a pretty powerful PC to get everything up and running, but if you can manage it (and missed out on the Xbox One version), then it looks to be worth the trouble. Check out the launch trailer below to find out all the many, many ways you can be killing zombies on your PC.