Dead Rising 4 Hits Steam this March

Capcom is bringing Dead Rising 4 to Steam in just a few weeks.

Dead Rising 4 launched December 6, 2016 as an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive title. Those who wanted to dismember large armies of zombies on PC either had to get it through the Windows 10 store, or hope that someday it would arrive on Steam. Well, that day is coming sooner than you think.

Capcom has confirmed that Dead Rising 4 will hit Steam March 14. Players will be able to join Frank as he heads back to Willamette to confront a brand new zombie horde, a para-military organization looking to wipe him out, and some aggressive survivors who have their own way of surviving the apocalypse. Those interested can pre-order the game today and get the game for 20% off, which brings the price to $47.99. Once the game launches, the price will revert back to the standard $59.99.

Dead Rising 4 is available now on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. In our review, we found the melee combat and amount of zombies you could slay to be excellent, though co-op felt neutered. Soon, Steam players will be able to get in on the zombie-slaying fun.

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