Dead Space 3 Awakening Looks for Scares

There seems to be a split of those who enjoyed Dead Space 3 and those who didn’t. Despite the slap in the face post-credits sequence that occurred, I’m still one who thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game. While it’s not particularly a traditional horror experience, it’s still an exciting and enjoyable third person shooter that can be played with friends. The story isn’t over yet, though, as Visceral Games and Electronic Arts are prepping the first post-campaign DLC set for release on March 12.

I’m sure many of us were completely fine with the events at the end of Dead Space 3 as it nearly wrapped things up neatly. Unfortunately, Visceral isn’t letting this franchise die as they continue Isaac Clarke’s journey on the frozen hunk of a rock that is Tau Volantis. Check out the trailer below to see a peek at what you’ll get when the DLC hits Tuesday.