Destiny Goes Straight to the Moon in New Gameplay Trailer, Beta Announced

From its E3 demos to its box art, Destiny looks great. Every piece of information released about it gets us more hyped and today is no different. A new gameplay trailer was released this afternoon that takes the game to the moon — literally. The trailer shows a siege on the moon, with a team of Guardians infiltrating a moon base and fighting off its current alien inhabitants, including a mean Rancor looking thing.

More still, Activision and Bungie have announced that a beta will be available in 2014 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 for those who pre-order the game. After pre-ordering, fans will get a 9-digit entry code on their receipt that can be entered here for beta access. Those who pre-ordered before October 1st will receive their code from their retailer via e-mail.